The Great War in the Scaliger Castle

The Scaliger Castle that overlooks the harbor, is one of the symbol of Torri del Benaco and contributes to make the village still more picturesque.
The Castle, that dates back to 1383, hosts in the inside a museum dedicated to the ancient jobs and activities that were once practiced around Lake Garda.

This year, from 24.03 to 21.10.2018 the Scaliger Castle host an interesting exhibition dedicated to the Great War.  It deals with a collection of testimonies that told where the soldiers faced each other, where they lived. It isn’ t a list of names and dates, but a real collection of feelings and emotions.


Opening times

01.04- 15.06.2018:  9.30-12.30/ 14.30-18.00

16.06-15.09.2018: 9.30-13.00/16.30 – 19.30

16.09-31.10.2018: 9.30-12.30/14.30-18.00

Closed on Monday Afternoon.

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